7:50 am - Tue, Jun 10, 2014
7:49 am
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Free download of my remix of ‘Indecision’ by Sampha. 

4:23 pm - Sat, Apr 19, 2014

Some of the best music made in Vancouver. My friend Robbie from Humans + Max Ulis. 

On a related note, I have a new track that’s being mastered by Phil Moffa, who mastered their album. Coming soon. 

11:39 am - Sat, Mar 8, 2014
Q: why are canadians so talented ? I hope you ryan hemsworth and cyril hahn get together to make magic one day xx

Thank you, I’m glad you like my tunes! I know cyril really well actually, we used to make folk music together.

2:47 pm - Fri, Feb 28, 2014

'Make Me Feel' on YouTube

FREE DL: https://soundcloud.com/kin_ship/make-me-feel

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